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Now that you know a little bit about who we are and our mission, let’s explain our treats a bit. We study clinical research and look at micronutrients that are lost during each phase (thanks to our hormones that peak and dip to create what we know as the menstrual cycle) and work with whole ingredients (like cacao, sweet potato, ginger, etc) to replenish those micronutrients.

It’s true that we don’t believe in a “one size fits all mentality” and recognize that different bodies may absorb or metabolize ingredients differently. Because of this, we’ll never claim that these treats will completely cure cramps or take away your menstrual headaches for good. You’re you; different from anyone else on this planet and that means the only “foolproof plan” is to listen to your body and what works best for you. That’s the truth with any substance, food, etc. And if anyone is making claims that it will absolutely work for you the same way it does for test studies or your friend, we would advise you take caution. We do believe, however, in doing our homework. Our job is to support you by doing the research, taking integrity with creating our treats based on the research and sharing that education with you. Because as you know, we believe education = self-authored choice = empowerment. And what’s better than that? (Not even a brownie).



If you're curious about ordering a subscription vs. a one-time-only order, you're in luck! We've broken it down for you. 

A monthly subscription is great for you if you: 
- Love a good value and saving money! 
- Have a wellness regimen, hormonally supportive or not, that you'd like to continue to support 
- Are looking for a subscription where you can be supported throughout your entire menstrual cycle
- Would love some of the guesswork taken out when it comes to which ingredient and treat can help during which phase
- Are totally okay with receiving the same treats each month and will add an additional treat here or there to your order when seasonal flavors land or when you have a hankering for something new


A one-time-order is great for you if you:
- Are new around these parts and want to try some of our treats 
- Want to mix and match 
- Have been a part of our community for a while/have a favorite treat (or treats!)
- Want to buy goodies in bulk and freeze them for easy access whenever the moment strikes
- Want to gift a friend
- Don't want to commit to a full regimen, but would love to add some sweetness and celebration to your life

You dig? Head to the shop to see everything you can order as a one-time-order.



Curious as to what ingredients can be helpful during which phase? Want to better understand what could help those pesky cramps or bloating? We’ve created an ingredient library (complete with studies for your reading pleasure) where you can filter either a certain phase and/or symptoms and see which ingredients may be your best friend. We also provide you with which treats contain that ingredient(s) so that you’ll feel confident with whichever treat (or treats!) you decide to purchase. Now, that’s what we like to call empowered (and delicious) consumerism.



If you’re new here or even new to learning about your menstrual health, WELCOME. We’re incredibly honored and happy to meet you. We too began our deep dive into menstrual health not too long ago and have become fascinated (can you tell? ;)) with how amazing our bodies are. To get started on your learning journey, we recommend a few of our community’s favorite blog posts below. Get ready to have your mind happily blown.