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Yes, we believe in science and studies but we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” prescription mentality or look at our treats as magic pills. All of our treats are made by looking at micronutrients that are lost during different phases of our cycle and using whole ingredients (like cacao, sweet potato, ginger, etc) to help replenish those micronutrients. However, the dosage depends on the person, their metabolism, their genetic makeup and more. We can’t and never will claim that these treats will completely cure cramps or take away your menstrual headaches for good. You’re you; different from everybody on this planet and that means the only “foolproof plan” is to listen to your body and what works best for you. That’s the truth with any substance, food, etc. And if anyone is making claims that it will absolutely work the same for you that it does for test studies or your friend, we would advise you take caution. Our job is to support you by doing the research, taking integrity with creating our treats based on the research and sharing that education with you. The rest is up to you = EMPOWERMENT.