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  1. Are your treats gluten free, vegan or raw? All of our treats are gluten free, dairy free + naturally sweetened. Some of our treats are vegan, others are raw. Next to every treat in our shop, you'll find the ingredients and labels to alert you to which special food categories it fits into.  

  2. How are your treats sweetened? Because sugar is known to increase inflammation in the body, we avoid using processed sugar such as cane sugar. Our treats are sweetened with wholesome, natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates, or coconut sugar to name a few. 

  3. Are your ingredients organic? Some of our ingredients are organic while some aren’t, but we always source from high-quality businesses who value integrity in both their sourcing process and product.

  4. What if my cycle isn't regular? If your cycle isn't regular or even if you don't get a period, you'll have the option to order a treat whenever the moment strikes. Through the “Shop” page, you can mix and match treats, try new ones, buy your favorite oldies-but-so-goodies and load up on all your favorite treats. Packaged upon order and shipped within 2-3 days. Because healthy delicious treats are an important part of self-care, anytime for any reason.

  5. What’s the benefit of a subscription? If you’re looking for something to help you support your hormonal wellness regimen and want to eat a treat that’s going to help support you per phase, you’ll want to check out our subscription. You’ll receive 2 treats/per phase (a total of 8 treats) that are created to help replenish certain micronutrients lost and help support your body in the specific way it needs during each phase (menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal). You’ll also save 10%/per treat by signing up for a subscription. Delivered monthly and can be canceled after 3 months. 

  6. Can I cancel my subscription? Yes! You can cancel your subscription after 3 months of service (free of charge). Just head to your profile or email our team.

  7. What are adaptogens and why do you use them? Adaptogens are herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine that assist with stress response due to their ability to increase adaptability to environmental stress and decrease serum cortisol (the stress monster hormone). They also prevent neurotransmitter depletion and can increase resistance to stress as well as improve concentration, performance and fatigue endurance. In other words, they are great in stressful situations cue our cycle. We add adaptogens to some treats to help support your hormones and make sure to explain exactly what benefit that adaptogen is having on your body. Not sure what treat or adaptogen will help ease your symptoms? Head to the library and search for the adaptogen you’d like to learn more about.  

  8. Can I gift these to my friend? I think they’d make an awesome birthday/new baby/I love you gift! Yes! Moon Cycle Bakery started with the notion (and act) of how healing giving is and that we all deserved to be acknowledged and seen during a vulnerable and sometimes challenging time of the month. You can order any treats and non-treat mercantile to be shipped directly to your friend’s house with a gift message attached. You can also purchase gift cards that your friend can use towards a subscription! At checkout, there’s a box that says “special instructions for seller” — let us know there that it’s a gift and what message you’d like to send and we’ll add that message to their package. Spreading the love one chocolate bite at a time. 

  9. How do gift cards work? Give the "special someones" in your life the gift of downtime for more dance parties, funny meme's, Stranger Things marathons and of course something yummy and comforting. This is the perfect gift for a friend who may have dietary restrictions, favorite flavors, wants to order a subscription, or who is curious about trying our treats. How it works: Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

Have any other questions or want to chat? We'd love that (chatting is our favorite). Head to the contact page or email us at