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*MCB Dry Mixes are just that — all the dry ingredients you need to make our goodies yourself. You’ll need to provide the wet ingredients (like you do with a standard brownie or cookie mix), which vary from treat to treat. Look on the back of our bags to see what wet ingredients are needed!*

Sweet Potato Brownie with Chocolate Chunks Mix

Sweet potatoes conjure up feelings of warmth and full-body satisfaction and these sweet potato brownies are no exception. This mix is extremely versatile, allowing you to use baked and skinned sweet potatoes or sweet potato puree. Add in almond butter or your favorite nut butter for added protein, healthy fat and decadence. Warning: they disappear quick, so a double batch may be best. 

Eating these for cycle support? Our brownies are great for the luteal phase and help to stave off sugar cravings thanks to their high amount of B vitamins. Consuming natural sugars also helps with the dip in estrogen that occurs in the second half of the luteal phase that can make you feel irritable. And an intake of complex carbs helps to stabilize serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and help prevent mood swings. 

☾ Gluten Free
☾ Dairy Free
☾ Vegan
☾ Great for carb cravings, replenishing B-vitamins and helping balance mood

    Ingredients Included in Our Mix:

    Flaxseed, Cinnamon, Cacao Powder, Baking Powder, Dark Chocolate Chunks (70% cacao)