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Supporting yourself during each phase of your cycle just got easier. We’ve worked with clinical research to create these goodies and ensure that the whole ingredients included will nourish your body while wildly satisfying your tastebuds. Our subscription option runs monthly and you’ll receive 2 treats/phase. A total of 8 treats to make your menstrual cycle a bit more supported and festive.

Phase 1: Menstrual Phase: The Chocolate Cup with Ginger + Honey

We've got willy wonka (+ his golden ticket) beat with this decadent chocolate cup, which is sweetened with honey instead of processed sugar. Cacao is chock-full of magnesium, a key nutrient we lose while on our periods. It helps to relax our muscles and keeps our digestive track moving in the right direction. It also helps with cramping and can help elevate mood. A go-to treat for a cozy monthly moment.

Phase 2: Follicular Phase: Cinnamon Oat Cookie

Our Cinnamon Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookie is subtly sweet and nutty and falls apart in your mouth. In the follicular phase, our bodies are working hard to grow a new egg, properly metabolize estrogen, and prepare for ovulation. Hormone experts recommend supporting our gut as much as possible during this time by eating sprouted and fermented foods to help pre-digest nutrients so our digestion doesn’t have to work extra hard. Oats are a great source of a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan, which acts as a prebiotic for beneficial bacteria in our gut microbiome. Some of these little microbes in our gut help eliminate excess estrogen, which is important throughout the entire cycle, but especially as our hormone levels begin to increase (we don’t want to build estrogen up too high, too quickly). 

Phase 3: Ovulatory Phase: Lemon Poppyseed Bite

Lemon me tell you..this raw bite is refreshing and perfectly sweet taste. Estrogen levels continue to rise and peak just after ovulation, so it is important to continue to reach for fiber and antioxidant-rich foods during this phase to support the body’s production of a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, which helps support the liver in detoxifying. This ensures any excess estrogen can be metabolized (read: flushed out so that it doesn’t hang around your body) and help avoid excess build-up, which can create PMS symptoms. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, help the body produce more glutathione through recycling. Plus — besides being totally delicious, lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron. This is a reason to cheer when we're losing anywhere from four tablespoons to one cup of blood every month. Time to replenish.

Phase 4: Luteal Phase: The Sweet Potato Brownie

If you haven't noticed already, we're a lot about comfort and these Sweet Potato Brownies are no exception. This treat is perfect for when those carb-cravings kick in and help support your body with their vitamin-b packed goodness, helping to say goodbye to tender breasts. Complex carbs have also been shown to help boost serotonin and dopamine (the "happy hormones"), which deplete when our progesterone drops in the luteal phase.

When we once served a friend a piece of homemade, chocolate cake, we never imagined it would result in a business. But her response, “This cake is so good and I'm not sure if it's because I'm about to get my period, but I almost cried,” was too relatable to pass over. We realized (with her insight and our experiences) that menstruators all over the globe want to feel validated, acknowledged and empowered during their menstrual cycle — something that is rarely a reality. So began our work and Moon Cycle Bakery was born.
We are a business that acknowledges menstruators, their empowerment, their strength and their mark on the world. We are more than a product with a goal to destigmatize menstruation and help others celebrate their menstrual cycles. Every single one of us is a believer that we can nourish our bodies and souls simultaneously through good food, nutrition and education.
We will never make claims and are not a quick fix, a numbing agent, or a cure. Our treats are not a prescription but a support system. We guarantee that our treats are healthy, made with real food and whole ingredients. We guarantee that they are nourishing by nature and rooted in clinical research. We guarantee that by treating yourself to something delicious, you’ll feel happy. And we guarantee that every single product is made with you in mind — from our hearts to yours.

Monthly Subscription



  • What does "hormone-supportive" mean?

    When we say hormone-supportive, we are referring to whole foods that help to replenish certain micronutrients we can lose during the ebb and flow of hormones. Studies have shown that as our hormones ebb and flow during our cycle, certain micronutrients are depleted. The depletion of certain nutrients is what causes many of us pain and discomfort (physically and emotionally) throughout our menstrual cycle. By focusing on certain micronutrients and choosing whole foods that help to replenish those nutrients (think cacao, sweet potatoes, honey and oats), we create products and recipes that both support our bodies and satisfy our taste buds.

  • Are your products and recipes gluten free, vegan or raw? 

    All of our products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free + naturally sweetened. Some of our products are vegan. Certain recipes in The Moon Cycle Cookbook include dairy and gluten with flexibility to tailor to all dietary preferences. On every mix in our shop, you'll find the ingredients and labels to alert you to any food categories it falls into. So, whether you’re a menstruator, pregnant, postpartum, identify as male or a child (our toddler loves our treats!) — we’ve got you covered.   

  • Are your ingredients organic?

    Some of our ingredients are organic while some aren’t, but we always source from high-quality businesses who value integrity in both their process and product.

  • Can I gift these to my friend? I think they’d make an awesome birthday/new baby/I love you gift!

    Yes! Moon Cycle Bakery started with the notion (and act) of how healing giving is and that we all deserved to be acknowledged and seen during a vulnerable and sometimes challenging time of the month. You can order any mixes and non-food mercantile to be shipped directly to your friend’s house with a gift message attached.