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our favorite part of moon cycle bakery® is the people we meet through this service.
here is what a few inspiring moon mamas have to say.

monica redden, 29

"Absolutely smitten with Moon Cycle Bakery®! My delicious treat arrived today and it made me feel so special! Not only was it beautifully packaged, but so, soooo scrumptious. I am telling you — not too sweet and deeply satisfying. This company is going to take over the world!"

lisa eddy, 45

I love getting to be a part of Moon Cycle's creations. I will say, I was highly impressed. The presentation was gorgeous and It felt special to receive a lovely decadent package + treat complete with a love note. The flavors were on point! I love that you guys care so much about the quality of ingredients and being sure they are from healthy sources. Bravo! I Cant wait to try the next delivery.

paige ervin, 18

Moon Cycle Bakery® isn't just a company- it's a movement. As a woman with an irregular cycle, having a consistent, delicious surprise means the world to me! moon cycle will be coming with me next year to college for sure!


because authenticity and honesty are two of our values, we take pride in intentionally deciding who we work with — both partnerships + press. here is what some of our partners, bloggers + publications have to say about moon cycle bakery.

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