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About the Course

Our Reconnecting to Rhythms course is a supplementary course on vitality where we discover how our emotional and mental wellbeing supports us in relationship to our physical health.

Through clinical research, shared human experience, journal prompts and creative writing practices, we dive deeper into what makes us feel fuller, more connected and more alive in our skin.

Together We'll Explore...


In the Emotion module, we focus on better understanding what emotions are and how we can work with them instead of against them. We learn about emotional Intelligence, what it is and how to foster it as well as why feeling our emotions supports physical health. We end this module by personifying an emotion — greeting it, sitting with it and talking with a chosen emotion before giving gratitude and saying goodbye — as a creative outlet for processing and regulating. 


Our Intuition module focuses on turning inward to the understanding within ourselves - the inner knowing that fuels confident decisions related to life changes, work, relationships, eating, and everything in between. That “gut feeling” that many of us have lost touch with due to the constant chatter of the outside world. In this module, we will discuss the psychology behind intuition, what happens when we suppress or ignore it, journal prompts to connect with your intuitive hits, and techniques to amplify them in order to boldly be in the driver’s seat of your own life.  


Throughout this module, we’re focusing on spirit as the lifeforce inside of us. Through Positive Psychology practices and visualizations, this module aims to help us gain more clarity in regards to our relationship with our spirit — how to understand what our signs and signals are for when it’s getting hungry and how to prioritize filling ourselves up. We’ll define what “spirit” means for you, what it feels like to access it and further connect with what brings it to life. We’ll look into how we harness the power to fill ourselves up, lift ourselves up and celebrate life to the fullest. Our health depends on it.


Our Home module is one of foundation, warmth and rest. We carry our home with us, no matter where we roam, and this module helps us remember what it’s like to come home to ourselves. We break this module down by looking at how self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care are the keystones to staying connected to ourselves. We’ll focus on the science behind self-compassion, vulnerability, resilience and authenticity and move into journal prompts and mindfulness practices to foster a deeper connection to the place inside of us all that holds unmoveable love and acceptance for all we are.

Meet the Instructors

Devon Loftus (left) is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Moon Cycle Bakery - a wellness based business that focuses on the menstrual cycle and creates sweet treats and food-related products to help support women hormonally, spiritually, and emotionally. She likes to share thoughts and experiences, particularly as a mother and a human on social media.

Devon currently lives, works and writes from New Jersey. She is heavily influenced by her time spent living on the west coast, holistic health, her family and the human experience.

Jenna Radomski, MScN (right), is a holistic nutritionist, recipe developer, and the founder of Jenna Bee Basics, an online space for exploring the everyday elements of a nourished life.

Starting her menstrual cycle and developing acne at a very young age led Jenna on a decades-long search for answers. She ultimately found relief through intuitive eating, living in sync with her cycle, and intentional self-care. She believes health and well-being should be simple and accessible to all. Through Jenna Bee Basics, she shares realistic and holistic practices relating to nutrition, sustainability, and finding joy in everyday life.

Jenna is the in-house nutritionist for Moon Cycle Bakery and currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she loves to garden, hike, and explore the local food scene.

Together, Devon and Jenna co-authored The Moon Cycle Cookbook: A Holistic Nutrition Guide for a Well-Balanced Menstrual Cycle with Storey Publishing in 2021.

Let's Begin

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Our Mission

In a world full of labels, boxes and linear paths, we are ever blossoming wildflowers.

We are:

  • Creating a business that acknowledges women, their empowerment, their strength and their mark on the world
  • Supporting the belief that we can release shame + stigma and celebrate our cycles
  • Believers that we can nourish our bodies + souls simultaneously through nutrition and education

We are not:

  • A quick fix, a numbing agent, a cure
  • Claim Makers
  • Purely selling you a product

We find that women's health and empowerment is an area of society that is increasingly stuffed into tight corners and regulated by others. We've found our shoulders holding too many "shoulds" and decided to do something about it.

Moon Cycle Bakery is founded on the belief that we all deserve to be acknowledged, heard, seen, held and gifted throughout our cycles and that shifting our perspective from dread to celebration is one way to reclaim our power. A brownie never hurts, either.

One moment while we fit your crown...




Our Story

It all started when…

Devon's friends decided to throw her a "West Coast" bachelorette night. It was the coming together of people from all walks of life, ideals, styles, laughs but all had one thing in common: they believed in supporting + loving one another. This night was no exception.

Near the end of the night, Devon's now husband met everyone with a homemade cake decked out in chocolate ganache. The crew devoured it stopping only to smile and share the cake with fellow bartenders and "bus boys" — one of those surreal moments where we're reminded how transportive food and good company really are.

After the cake was gone, one of their friends walked over and thanked them for the cake.

"I just needed to tell you that this is one of the best cakes I've ever eaten," she said, "And I'm not sure if it's because I'm about to get my period, but I almost cried."

Devon sat next to her friend later that night and told her not to worry.

"We'll be sure to bring you a slice of this cake every month."

What started as a heart-centered gesture has become a company built out of the idea that people deserve to feel heard, seen and gifted during a time of the month that ain't always pretty. A space to shed the stigma + talk about periods as naturally as they occur in our bodies. A community where we can cultivate the belief that it's possible and important to satisfy our cravings and nourish our bodies — that we don't have to give up one for the other.


In order to lead with integrity, we decided to team up with experts, bloggers + women alike to create Moon Cycle Bakery® the way it deservedwith wholeheartedness, love + healthy alternatives that satisfied (and soothed) cravings.

Moon Cycle Bakery® is a business from our hearts to yours and we are so excited + grateful that you're here.