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Red Lentil Kitchari Mix


Our postpartum focused Kitchari (which means “mixture” in Hindi) is made with red lentils vs. the typically split mung beans with white rice. We used red lentils which similarly break-down, and thicken as they cook.  Red lentils have approx. 12 grams of protein in ½ a cup (which is the serving used in this recipe.) Lentils are an excellent source of fiber which assist with maintaining blood sugar levels. A new mother’s routine is atypical from her normal sleeping and eating patterns. This recipe spotlights how critical it is to try and keep blood sugar levels from spiking so that she can do her best to access energy and stability. (ward-off cravings, headaches, hunger etc.)

Our mix also includes spices known to increase circulation: ginger, turmeric, garlic. When we increase circulation, we promote healthy blood flow. Nutrients travel in the bloodstream which is why we want to maintain optimal and consistent transport throughout the body.

The only things you need to add are broth, coconut milk and ghee, which means this meal takes 30-minutes to make and nourishes in a million different ways. 

Adding Ghee is optional but is highly recommended because it provides essential fats that will help absorb the vitamin A from the carrots, and keep you feeling feeling more satisfied. Using freeze dried carrots maintains the integrity of the ingredient because the process minimizes the loss of vitamin and mineral content. Carrots are an exceptional source of Vitamin A, an antioxidant critical in healing and maintaining health.

This porridge-like creamy meal is easily paired with other veggies, your favorite meat or over brown rice. It’s easy and accessible + low maintenance. It’s gentle, fueling, adaptable. And it leaves your mouth full of an umami flavor that feels so grounding.

When we once served a friend a piece of homemade, chocolate cake, we never imagined it would result in a business. But her response, “This cake is so good and I'm not sure if it's because I'm about to get my period, but I almost cried,” was too relatable to pass over. We realized (with her insight and our experiences) that menstruators all over the globe want to feel validated, acknowledged and empowered during their menstrual cycle — something that is rarely a reality. So began our work and Moon Cycle Bakery was born.
We are a business that acknowledges menstruators, their empowerment, their strength and their mark on the world. We are more than a product with a goal to destigmatize menstruation and help others celebrate their menstrual cycles. Every single one of us is a believer that we can nourish our bodies and souls simultaneously through good food, nutrition and education.
We will never make claims and are not a quick fix, a numbing agent, or a cure. Our treats are not a prescription but a support system. We guarantee that our treats are healthy, made with real food and whole ingredients. We guarantee that they are nourishing by nature and rooted in clinical research. We guarantee that by treating yourself to something delicious, you’ll feel happy. And we guarantee that every single product is made with you in mind — from our hearts to yours.

Red Lentil Kitchari Mix



  • What does "hormone-supportive" mean?

    When we say hormone-supportive, we are referring to whole foods that help to replenish certain micronutrients we can lose during the ebb and flow of hormones. Studies have shown that as our hormones ebb and flow during our cycle, certain micronutrients are depleted. The depletion of certain nutrients is what causes many of us pain and discomfort (physically and emotionally) throughout our menstrual cycle. By focusing on certain micronutrients and choosing whole foods that help to replenish those nutrients (think cacao, sweet potatoes, honey and oats), we create products and recipes that both support our bodies and satisfy our taste buds.

  • Are your products and recipes gluten free, vegan or raw? 

    All of our products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free + naturally sweetened. Some of our products are vegan. Certain recipes in The Moon Cycle Cookbook include dairy and gluten with flexibility to tailor to all dietary preferences. On every mix in our shop, you'll find the ingredients and labels to alert you to any food categories it falls into. So, whether you’re a menstruator, pregnant, postpartum, identify as male or a child (our toddler loves our treats!) — we’ve got you covered.   

  • Are your ingredients organic?

    Some of our ingredients are organic while some aren’t, but we always source from high-quality businesses who value integrity in both their process and product.

  • Can I gift these to my friend? I think they’d make an awesome birthday/new baby/I love you gift!

    Yes! Moon Cycle Bakery started with the notion (and act) of how healing giving is and that we all deserved to be acknowledged and seen during a vulnerable and sometimes challenging time of the month. You can order any mixes and non-food mercantile to be shipped directly to your friend’s house with a gift message attached.